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Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio, Everything You Want to Know Series

The Zebra Danios is one of the most popular tropical fish.  Their lively personalities are a ton of fun to watch.  They generally play well with others, although have bee know to nip at fins.  This usually can be avoided by keeping them in a school of 6 or more.  They are also some of the […]

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Discus Fish

Discus Fish, Everything You Want to Know Series

Photo by: Patrick Farrelly The Discus Fish is arguably the most beautiful freshwater topical fish you’ll come across.  You’ll find Discus in all sorts of color combinations, and they are equally stunning.  They require a rigid aquarium cleaning schedule to maintain their high quality water standards.  Tank mates should be chosen carefully because of their […]

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Oscar Fish

Oscar Fish, Everything You Want to Know Series

Photo by: Daniella Vereeken Oscar fish are extremely smart.  They are know for their aggressiveness so care must be taken in choosing tank mates.  They will grow up 18″ so they need a big tank.  Oscar fish are also know for being messy, so they need good tank maintenance.  Take a look at the other […]

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Angelfish, Everything You Want to Know Series

Photo by: Hoher Segelflosser Angelfish are beautiful and very popular because of it.  It’s not just their beauty that attracts many to this fish, however.  Angelfish are easy to breed, have great personalities, and are fun to watch. Angelfish Names: Common: Angelfish Scientific: Pterophyllum Scalare Varieties: Zebra, Gold, Silver, Chocolate, Halfblack, Black Lace, Sunset Blushing, Blue […]

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