Tropical Fish Food Types You Must Know

Fish Food Flakes

Tropical fish foods can be intimidating when you’re browsing all of the many options.  Many times, when you ask around about what is suggested for your fish, you will get all sorts of answers.  Some tropical fish food is typically used for your fish’s staple diet and some are great for a treat.  Here we’ll sort it all out the most popular choices you’ll find.

1. Fish Food Flakes

Flake fish food is one of the most popular staple fish foods available.  Flakes are cheap and easy to find.  They are full of the vitamins and mineral that you fish need.  You can find them specially formulated for specific or get them in just generic tropical fish types.

2. Fish Food Pellets

Fish food pellets are similar in many ways to fish food flakes.  They also are cheap and full of nutrients.  Unlike the flakes that float, pellets or tablets will sink to the bottom.  Some fish prefer one over the other.  You should try both and see which one the majority of your tank prefers.

3. Live Fish Food

Brine shrimp, bloodworms, earthworms, or feeder fish are all examples of live fish food.  While most fish do not need live fish food, many see live food as a real treat.  Carnivorous fish in particular.  Live fish foods do not have the diverse types of nutrients to be a staple food but are a great delicacy.

4. Freeze Dried Fish Food

Just about anything you can find live and more are available as freeze dried.  Freeze dried fish food is a great alternative to live food. The biggest benefit is its shelf life making it a great alternative to live fish food.  The main draw back is the price.  Freeze dried foods are generally the most expensive ways to feed your fish.  As with live foods you, be careful not to over feed with any food that does not contain a good nutrient balance.

5. Frozen Fish Food

Many choices are also available for frozen fish foods.  One thing to be mindful of is the high protein and fat content in some of the meat based frozen fish foods.  You can find many frozen fish foods that are intended for specific fish species as well.

6. Brine Shrimp

Brine shrimp deserve special mention for being one of the most popular live fish foods.  You can also find brine shrimp as freeze dried or frozen fish food.  Brine shrimp, because of their size, are the perfect food new fry (baby fish).  Because of this, brine shrimp is very popular among fish breeders.  Some brave enthusiasts even grow their own brine shrimp.

7. Blood Worms

Another very popular fish food is bloodworms.  They, like brine shrimp, can be found as live, frozen, and freeze dried.  Bloodworms are a favorite among carnivorous fish and are a perfect treat.  Again, these should only supplement your fish’s staple, nutrient filled diet.

What types of food do your fish like?


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